Monday, January 16, 2012

News of the day of gujarat

Photographer Homai Vyarawalla dies

Vyarawalla's death is an end of an era in photography, said some of those
who were lucky enough to have interacted with the grand old lady, who lived
by herself in Gujarat's Vadodara city. "(I am) sad to know of the demise of
Homai Vyarawalla, ...


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Nonagenarian Homai Vyarawalla gets Nano car as 'Pateti' gift

Nano Car

The car was delivered to 96-year-old 
Homai Vyarawalla, who had parted her 
Fiat car to buy a Nano, on Tuesday in the 
presence of the company officials on the 
occasion of Parsi new year 'Pateti'.
Earlier, she had written a letter to the 
company asking it to cancel her booking
for the car which was not delivered
to her on time as promised.

Gujarat news

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi quoted great poet and philosopher of Tamilnadu ...

Chennai: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi visited Chennai yesterday to
participate in the 42nd anniversary celebrations of 'Tughlak', a Tamil
weekly edited by Cho Ramasamy. Being the festival occasion of Pongal and
Makarsankranti, CM wished the ...
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wish you a very happy christmas to all of you


Gifts for you

Christmas Day
Christmas Day is here and so are we
Time for children and presents
And Christmas trees.
Happiness, loveliness,
Christmas bells ringing out
goodwill to men and peace on earth.
Ev'ry thing they taught you
When you were a child
The things a Child once taught the world.
If Christmas day is really in your heart
You don't have to save up all your love
To give once a year
Learn to give, try to live
Each day like Christmas Day.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Traffic @ kutch in rann utsav

Attraction of rann utsav
Hill of kutch

Mandvi Beach

Mandvi Beach
  • Mandvi beach
  • Vijay vilas palace
  • Dholavira
  • Narayan sarovar
  • Lakhpat Fort
  • Koteshwar
  • Hodka Village
  • Dasada
  • The Black Hill( Kalo Dungar)
  • Bhujiya Dungar(Bhujiya Hill)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekend special

Hello friends wanna go out side in this weekend??
    you can go kutch in rann utsav-2011..........
About kutch & bhuj:
                               Bhuj connects you to a rang of civilizations and important events in south asian history through prehistoric archaeological finds, remnants of the indus valley civilization (harappans), places associated with the mahabharata and alexander the great,s march into india and tombs, palaces and other builidings from the rule of the naga chiefs, the jadeja rajputs, the gujarat sultans and british raj. over the 4000 year inhabitation of kutch-it developed trading and migratory relationship with ancient civilizations as far as zanzibar, the middle East and Greece, fostering a unique ethnic mix of people and tradition in the region.......
                                                                vijay - vilas palace

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

beauty of gujarat: Amazing attraction of kutch

beauty of gujarat: Amazing attraction of kutch: White raan during full moon This beauty is only see in our gujarat in kutch..

Amazing attraction of kutch

White raan during full moon

This beauty is only see in our gujarat in kutch..